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‘Twinks’ is a relatively new form of gay slang which refers to a young man between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three. They are usually slim framed and they produce little body hair. The term ‘Twinks’ comes from the sweet junk food known as a Twinkie, which is golden-brown on the outside and cream filled on the inside. There is also an as yet unproven theory that twink stands for ‘Teen White Into No Kink’. ‘Twinks’ are clean-shaven, young looking and are the opposite in description to a ‘bear’. “Twinks’ are also quite effeminate which also causes them to be known as young queens.

If you are a Twink or you are ‘twink-curious’ you can simply put the word into an online search and you will find no shortage of websites full of sexy gay twinks. Young gay twinks are new to the gay scene because of their age. In some states it is not legal to have gay sex until the age of 18 — and the twinks may find it harder to meet young cute hot males who are the same as them. Men Nation has local search facilities so that twinks can find each other. Older men, above the age of twenty-three might also be interested in twinks but generally, twinks might be more likely to be interested in each other.

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Young twinks looking for love, relationships, hook-ups and meets are always able to access online sites showing the profiles of other twinks in their area. It is interesting how some older men are attracted to young twinks who display particularly effeminate behaviour. They are especially known in countries like Thailand because of the Asian lack of body hair, but it is now more common to see young twinks pretty much anywhere in the world. They are the new breed of young gay men who are still finding their place in the gay world.

Twinks are effeminate but most of them do not dress like women. Mostly, they wear club clothes, even during the day and many of them act very effeminate in the way they walk.

They attract men who are slightly more butch, but also other twinks who like the same sort of young gay men as them in terms of build, demeanor and dress style. There are many urban myths about twinks and what they represent. To most gay men they may be similar to younger versions of themselves and to others they may represent their own days of youth.

To meet gay twinks online view their profiles, set up an account and browse those who you find attractive. You might have to pay to message them or chat, but if you find yourself a nice gay guy it will be worth the money.

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